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Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3 (1989)

Movies Detail of Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3 (1989)

✓ Title : Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3
✓ Original Title : Pomeriggio caldo
✓ Release Date : March 16th, 1989
✓ Genre : Drama
✓ Runtime : 93 minutes
✓ Director : Joe D'Amato
✓ Writers : David Resseguier, David Resseguier
✓ Company : Filmirage
✓ Country : Italy
✓ Cast : Laura Gemser, Moses Gibson, Allen Cort, Robert LaBrosse, Carey Sally, Valentine Demy

Synopsis of Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3 (1989)

Courtney a young reporter is assigned to report on the story of a young woman who lost her husband in a bizarre voodoo ritual. He decides to take his highly sexed wife Connie on the trip to New Orleans. Connie is drawn into a secret affair with one of the locals. Gradually captivated by his spell she eventually flaunts her affair in front of her husband and finally leaves with her new lover to join the voodoo follower. Torn between contempt for his wife's infidelity and fear for her life Courtney is left to decide their destiny in the highly charged climax....

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Well, Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3 (1989) is good movie with a talanted cast and top level director. The Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3 (1989) itselft directed by Joe D'Amato and Starring by Laura Gemser, Moses Gibson, Allen Cort, Robert LaBrosse, Carey Sally, Valentine Demy which made Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3 (1989) enjoyable to watch and spending your time alone or with family and friends.

Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 3 (1989)

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